Beginner tutorials for Muay Thai and Boxing

I created these tutorials because I know how frustrating it is for a beginner to step into a boxing or Muay Thai class and have no idea of what to do.

My story

When I started training in Muay Thai and Boxing I was very afraid to look silly in front of the other students. However, my instructors were good at explaining the techniques in great detail. This gave me a good understanding and I was able to advance quite quickly through the ranks. My confidence grew so much that I was able to help other beginner students with their training.

A few years later I started KTX Institute online coaching 24/7 to help other beginner students around the world.

How to teach a beginner

My ability to break down techniques into easier understandable parts so that you can learn them at an accelerated pace.

All you have to do is watch these step by step instructional videos, listen to my instructions, and practice regularly to develop the skills needed to do punches, elbows, knees and kicks safely and correctly.

As you learn from me, you will see how passionate I am about teaching and I hope that I can inspire and motivate you to be the best that you can be.

If you decide to buy either my Muay Thai or Boxing membership you will also be able to access one on one lessons with me via Skype. I only offer Skype as part my membership package because it is very time consuming and I do want to spend more time researching and writing better information for you.

Having said that if you were to buy one of my memberships and access me via Skype I can guarantee that you will really enjoy it and I can then give you first hand teaching and correct any mistakes right there and then.

I am very friendly and approachable so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me using the question for Val form on the website.

Happy learning!



Beginner tutorials for Muay Thai and Boxing

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