Muay Thai

The Muay Thai videos is for beginners who have absolutely no experience in Muay Thai techniques. The 150+ videos in this tutorial will give the beginner easy-to-follow instructions on the technical skills and give you the confidence required to participate in a Muay Thai class.

In these tutorial videos I will teach, demonstrate and even practice some of these techniques with you.

What you will be learning from Val

  1. How to make a fist
  2. How to hold Focus Mitts properly
  3. The common faults when holding Focus Mitts
  4. How to do the High Guard
  5. How to do the Low Guard
  6. How to do the Muay Thai Guard
  7. How to do the Uneven Guard
  8. How to do the No Guard
  9. How to do a boxing stance for stability and mobility
  10. How to do a Jab
  11. How to do a Cross
  12. How to do a High Hook
  13. How to do an Uppercut
  14. How to do a Body Rip
  15. How to hold Thai Pads properly
  16. The common faults when holding Thai Pads
  17. How to do Horizontal Elbows
  18. How to do Upward Diagonal Elbows
  19. How to do Downward Diagonal Elbows
  20. How to do Forward Knees
  21. How to do Upward Knees
  22. How to do Switch Knees
  23. How to do the Left Round Kick or left Switch Kick
  24. How to do the Right Round Kick
  25. How to do the Step Up Round Kick
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