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Check out these free videos from my tutorials as a thank you gift for stopping on my website and finding out what KTX Institute Online Coaching 24/7 is all about. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed making them for you.

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  1. How to make a fist for punching

In this video I will explain and demonstrate to you how to make a fist for punching. It is important that you understand where to place your thumbs to avoid injuries to your thumb when you punch. In other videos I will explain and show you exactly which knuckles that you need to use in order to impact the focus mitts, thai pads and the heavy bag when you punch.

2. The Isometric Tension – learn this technique and you will hold thai pads like a professional coach!

In this video I will explain and demonstrate to you the isometric tension and how you can use it to help you hold thai pads correctly so that against a powerful kick or knee you will not injure your elbow or shoulder joint as well as your spine. I call it the isometric tension but you could call it a brace as you prepare your body for the impact of a strike from a kick or knee.

It is important that you get very good at this because sometimes during a class your training partner might get carried away and strike the thai pads with a lot of power. If you are caught off guard it might be enough to injure you. So either prepare yourself by practicing the isometric tension every time or tell your partner to kick or knee softly and slowly allow them to increase the power in their kicks or knees until you are comfortable. There should be no surprises when it comes to holding the thai pads because the risk of injury is way too great.

3. How to correctly do a high hook

In this video I will explain and demonstrate to you how to do  a high hook properly. It is not a very complicated punch but you need to make sure that you satisfy the straight line principle, the corkscrew principle and the benchtop principle in order to avoid injuries to your knuckles, wrist, and elbow.

If you have watched my videos on facebook you would have been introduced to the straight line principle and the corkscrew principle already. Now you just need to add the benchtop principle which is a reminder that you need to lift your elbow when you do a high hook so that your forearm is parallel with the floor. If you fail to obey this principle you will end up punching with a bent wrist and I can guarantee that you will sprain your wrist or worse break your wrist.

4. Feed the Cross on focus mitts

In this video I will demonstrate to you how to hold a focus mitt for a right cross. There are no sound to this video as I intended it to be a mirror image footage so that you can watch it and practice at the same time. However, I will expound a little on this video so that you can improve your technique.

You need to make sure that you practice the isometric tension here so that if your partner throws out a strong cross you will be able to hold the focus mitt. By this I mean that your hand will not fly backwards past your shoulder. You also need to make sure that the focus mitt is not covering your face because a strong cross will have you hit yourself, dare I say it is quite embarrassing but worse you will end up with a blood nose.

To gauge exactly where to position your focus mitt for the cross have it in line with your training partner’s face. Then make sure that your elbow is in line with your shoulder as this position will provide the best support for your hand. The wrong position of your elbow looks like when someone says “hands up!” and your elbows are out by your side. This is the position that you must avoid at all costs.

5. How to hold Thai Pads like a professional coach

In this video I will explain and demonstrate to you how to hold the thai pads correctly and safely. Again as a reminder the isometric tension need to be applied here as well as good posture (angry cat pose) with a strong base. What I mean by a strong base is that you need to have both your feet apart and forming roughly a square on the floor so that you have stability when you brace for those kicks or knees. You will need to watch my video on footwork or stance if you are not too sure what I am talking about.

Once you have all of those bits in place for the kick or knee you will need to lean in a bit as the strike comes towards the thai pads. This lean will add to the protection you require to brace for the kick or knee and reduce any possible whiplash that you may endure from a powerful strike.

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