Muay Thai and Boxing courses

Hi everyone!

Val here.

I built this website to share my knowledge of Muay Thai and Boxing with you and I hope that in the process you can help me build a community of genuinely interested Muay Thai and Boxing practitioners.

I am very passionate about teaching as you will see in my tutorials. If you are genuinely interested in learning Muay Thai and Boxing basics this is the website for you.

I also have two tutorials for sale on this website so if you like my free videos here I would greatly appreciate your support.

You can also email any questions using the question for Val form on the website or send me a message on Quora, here’s the link:

Thank you!

I have designed these courses in Boxing techniques for beginners and Muay Thai techniques for beginners that will give you the skills and confidence you need to participate in any Boxing and Muay Thai classes anywhere in the world.

When you buy these two courses I will also give you Skype sessions with me like a one-on-one coaching where I can look at your progress and give you tips to improve your technique.


Muay Thai Courses

150 Muay Thai videos for $28 – available to you for 12 months from time of purchase


Boxing Courses

40 Boxing videos for $8 – available to you for 3 months from time of purchase