Boxing and Muay Thai FAQs

The Boxing and Muay Thai tutorials on KTX Institute Online Coaching 24/7 are one of a kind. I have devoted 24 years of my life studying and practicing Martial Arts, Boxing and Muay Thai and body movement. I will not bore you with my credentials but one thing that I will say is that I love teaching beginners and seeing my students develop their skills and their confidence over time with hard work and regular practice, is beyond words. I do hope that as you take up the training and follow my instructions, you too, will become more skillful and confident. Before you start this amazing journey of self-discovery, please take a few moments and watch some of the Frequently Asked Questions so that you are better prepared when you make the decision to train with me.

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Why should you train with Val?


Will I be learning complex techniques?


How will your tutorials help me learn and improve my technique?


Do I need to know anything before I start your tutorials?


What will I be learning in these tutorials?


How long will all this training take before I see any results?


Are these tutorials for everyone?


Will I be able to fight in the cage or ring after these tutorials?


What are the benefits of these tutorials for me?


If I don’t like these tutorials can I get my money back?


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